(C) Chairman’s Club Member (P) Program Partner


Accessible Vehicles

Mobility Works: Dean Pells, (518) 346-9059, [email protected],



Dannible and McKee, LLP: Joseph Chemotti, CPA, (518) 836-5661, [email protected],

Teal, Becker & Chiaramonte: John Teevan, (518) 456-6663, [email protected],

Withum: Bob Brown, (732) 743-4559, [email protected],


Advertising/Marketing/Media (C): Steve Kelly, (315) 542-5665, [email protected],

Capital District Radio Association/ Townsquare Media (C): Kevin Rich, (518) 881-1521, [email protected],

CBS-6 – WRGB/ThisTV (C): Vincent Nelson,  (518) 381-4913, [email protected],

CW15–WCWN (C):Rob Croteau, (518) 381-4913, [email protected],

Gazette Newspapers (C): Randy Lewis, (518) 395-3043, [email protected],

iHeart Media: Kristen Delaney, (518) 881-1521, [email protected],

Lamar Advertising Company (C): (Billboards) Michael Flanagan, (518) 783-7784, [email protected],

Lamar Transit Advertising (C): (Bus Panels, Bus Shelters, Rail Kiosks)  Elisa Hyman, (585) 750-7392, [email protected]

Local First: Erin Rosa, (518) 454-5358, [email protected],

Mannix Marketing Inc.: Rick Marchant, (518) 743-9424, [email protected],

MovinAds Marketing and Signs: Rob Potter, (518) 378-4000, [email protected],

Spectrum Reach (C): John Tanner, (518) 640-8435, [email protected],

Times Union/Hearst Digital Agency (C): Erin Rosa, (518) 454-5358, [email protected],

TrueCar (C): Patrick E Watson, (803) 360-6094, [email protected],

WNYT News Channel 13/METV/WYNA My4 (C): Kevin Twohill, (518) 207-4750, [email protected],

WTEN-News10abc (C): Jerry Brehm, (518) 433-4250, [email protected],

WXXA FOX23 (C): Melissa Mangona, (518) 436-4822, [email protected], CLICK HERE



Bellavia Blatt, PC: Leonard A. Bellavia, (516) 873-3000, [email protected],

Gordon, Tepper & DeCoursey: Eric Tepper, Esq., (518) 399-5400, [email protected],

LaBonte Law Group, PLLC: Stevan H. LaBonte, Esq., (516) 280-8580, [email protected],

The Towne Law Firm, P.C. (C): James T. Towne, Jr., Esq., (518) 452-1800, [email protected],



Saratoga Automobile Museum: Carly Connors, (518) 401-5178, [email protected],


Auto Auctions

ACV Auctions: George Chamoun, (716) 523-7389, [email protected],

Manheim Albany: Lauren Sokolowski, (518) 373-2419, [email protected],

KAR Global: Jessica Maciariello, (518) 258-2482, [email protected],


Bank/Auto Financing/Investments/ Credit Services

Bank of America: David DeGlopper, (716) 913-2227, [email protected],

First National Bank of Scotia: Eric Bode, (518) 370-7224, [email protected],

HEARTLAND (P): (Credit Card Processing, Gift Cards, Check Guarantee) Bill Neville, (518) 376-1165, [email protected],

KeyBank Dealer Finance: Nicole Schimpf, (203) 988-4362, [email protected],

M&T Bank: Herschel Gornbein, (518) 464-6138, [email protected],

Simmons Capital Group: Audra Higgins, (518) 406-5624, [email protected],


Compliance Services

DEALERDOCX: Mark Brower, (585) 792-4509, [email protected],

CORITY/ENVIANCE (Actio Corporation) (P): (MSDS Management), (760) 795-9771,

VerantID (P): (Identity Verification and Compliance Services) Jeff Black, (585) 214-2452,  [email protected],


Decorating & Special Events

Clifton Park Rental Center: Michael Frodey, (518) 877-7449, [email protected],



Auto/Mate by DealerSocket (C): David Vickers, (518) 391-8571, [email protected],

CDK Global: Michael Stefanik, (518) 727-7456, [email protected],

Dominion Dealer Solutions (VUEDMS): Arlene Clements, (858) 693-3684, [email protected],


Engineering/Architecture/ Environmental Services

Walden Environmental Engineering: Joe Heaney, (201) 481-0351, [email protected],


F&I Training/Dealer Programs/Supplies 

CHF Auto Profits Plus (C): (Aftermarket Products and Services) Christine H. Farnan, (518) 469-1092, [email protected],,

Cox Automotive: Ernest Lattimer, (516) 547-2242, [email protected],

Zurich: David Dischiavo, (518) 708-5034, [email protected],



Polsinello Fuels, Inc.: Dave McClintock, (518) 463-7812, [email protected],

Sheldon Oil Services, Inc.: Guy Sheldon, (518) 766-2864, [email protected],

Solvents and Petroleum Svc, Inc.: Earl Wainwright, (607) 279-2686, [email protected],


Insurance/Risk Management

Gallagher: Jeff Rivet, (518) 528-4566, [email protected],

The Package Group LLC.: Paul Gross, (518) 289-4670, [email protected],


IT/Web/Cyber Security

OptionSoft Technologies, Inc. (P): (F&I and Service Menu Programs) Ken Tomaro, (518) 899-0144, [email protected],

SEO Web Mechanics: Darcy Knapp, (518) 366-1707, [email protected],

Stored Technology Solutions: Mark Shaw, (518) 793-1111, [email protected],



Axalta Coating Systems: Daryl Hoffman, (518) 461-3010, [email protected],

Bellavia Blatt, PC: (Retail Warranty Reimbursement) Leonard A. Bellavia, (516) 873-3000, [email protected],

CHF Auto Profits Plus (C): (Aftermarket Products and Services) Christine H. Farnan, (518) 469-1092, [email protected],,

DealerShop (formerly LAR USA) (C) (P): (Group Purchasing) Chuck August, Cell: (518) 364-8723, [email protected],

Deposit Control Systems, Inc – BG Products (C): (Automotive Maintenance Products and Programs) Tom Myers, (518) 782-7452, [email protected],

Empire Automotive Solutions, LLC: Scott & Melissa Hohenforst, (518) 725-5588, [email protected]

NATIONAL Business Technologies: Bryan Mueller, (518) 724-6455, Cell: 518-859-5299, [email protected],

Total Tool: Kathy Dederick, (518) 766-7676, [email protected],