Who We Are

What’s An “ENYCAR?”

ENYCAR is a not for profit trade association representing new car retailers and affiliated businesses in thirteen counties of New York State. The Association was incorporated in 1980, first as the Capital District Automobile Dealers Association, and then as the Capital Region Automobile Dealers Association.  Now representing dealers from Kingston to Plattsburgh, we encompass the northeast part of the state, from the Hudson Valley to the Canadian border.

For consumers, we provide auto shows, a bi-weekly consumer column in the Times Union’s Autos Weekly, career information on our Careers page, and a variety of links to consumer information and car buying assistance.

For members, we provide safety and health services, a purchasing cooperative, discount programs for insurance and other services, social events, a monthly newsletter, liaison with government agencies and other associations, auto shows, public relations and research assistance. We welcome new car dealers and non-competing affiliated businesses within thirteen counties.

Dealers: In this over-regulated world, let us watch your back!  You need allies to keep you compliant, informed and prosperous, and to help you save time on difficult tasks.  That’s what we’re here for!

Affiliates: If dealers are your major clients, they trust and appreciate your support of ENYCAR. If you would like to build business with dealers, we are your most targeted option for advertising and building relationships with new car dealers.